13-Dec-2018Press Release:Kantech upgrades INTEVO integrated security platform; adds LTE version
11-Dec-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls partners with Civic Technologies to provide secure building access to enterprise buildings
03-Dec-2018Announcement:Johnson Controls Security Products Pricing Update
15-Nov-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls’ Kristy Dunchak to present at 2018 Massachusetts Conference for Women
29-Oct-2018Press Release:Central Florida YMCA deploys Software House C-CURE 9000 security management system to improve member access
29-Oct-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls unveils powerful Flex IR PTZ for enhanced resolution and control
18-Oct-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls adds two performance-enhancing video appliances to portfolio
16-Oct-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls debuts Deep Intelligence Network Video Recorder for analytics with Confidence
10-Oct-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls integrates victor VMS with Lenel OnGuard to provide enhanced access control for customers
08-Oct-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls simplifies enterprise-level security operations and management with victor and VideoEdge 5.3
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls provides enhanced OSDP support with C-CURE 9000 v2.70 SP2
25-Sep-2018Press Release:New smart card reader from Johnson Controls provides economical solution for high assurance applications
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls announces exacqVision cloud surveillance services for all exacqVision NVRs and new line of G-Series cloud gateway appliances
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls adds new outdoor bullet model to Flex 4K product family
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls announces the availability of Tyco’s Illustra Camera 2 Cloud video surveillance solution, powered by Smartvue
25-Sep-2018Press Release:High Assurance Solution from Johnson Controls adds new features while reducing costs and complexity
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls to launch new commercial intrusion security panel
25-Sep-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls announces availability of the Smartvue S19 cloud surveillance platform
27-Aug-2018Press Release:New Online Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Practitioners
23-Aug-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls announces winners of CEM Systems Business Partner of the Year Awards 2018
17-Jul-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls releases the latest version of CEM Systems AC2000 Security Management System
11-Jul-2018Press Release:New smart card reader from Johnson Controls provides economical solution for high assurance applications
13-Jun-2018Press Release:General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Impact on Video Surveillance
11-Jun-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls expands Illustra Pro line with 2MP and 3MP Pro Compact Mini-Domes for discrete surveillance
24-May-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls expands IP camera portfolio with high resolution, bandwidth efficient 4K cameras
07-May-2018Press Release:New high-capacity, front-accessible HDD models of exacqVision A-Series recorders provide easy expansion
02-May-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls introduces the iotega wireless Touchscreen
25-Apr-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls minimizes storage, lowers costs with Illustra IntelliZip smart compression technology
18-Apr-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls offers cost-effective, next generation IP video solution with Holis recorders and Illustra cameras
13-Apr-2018Press Release:iotega wins SIA New Product Showcase Award
13-Apr-2018Press Release:iotega integrates with
11-Apr-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls offers dual iris capture with Iris ID IrisAccess iCAM 7S and C•CURE 9000
06-Apr-2018Announcement:Johnson Controls simplifies multi-door access control with KT-400 Standalone
05-Apr-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls’ VideoEdge TrickleStor technology maintains video surveillance system integrity
02-Apr-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls bolsters cloud video service, business analytic capability with acquisition of Smartvue® Corporation
27-Mar-2018Press Release:VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) from Johnson Controls becomes first product to attain UL 2900-2-3 cybersecurity readiness certification
26-Mar-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls enhances centralized security control while delivering service oriented capabilities with Software House C•CURE 9000 v2.70
21-Mar-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls provides new LTE solutions for Security and Alarm communications
06-Mar-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls takes access control and security to the next level with enhanced scheduling and account maintenance
20-Feb-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls advances real-time incident response with centralized video and event management in victor and VideoEdge
01-Feb-2018Press Release:Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Secures College of Medicine with Software House C•CURE 9000
11-Jan-2018Press Release:Latest version of exacqVision provides ultimate combination of administrator controls, system health status features, and analytics integrations
08-Jan-2018Press Release:Home control easier than ever with the integration of the iotega security and automation solution and Apple HomeKit
08-Jan-2018Press Release:Johnson Controls introduces C•CURE Go Install app from Software House
13-Dec-2017Press Release:Illustra Pro IP Mini-Dome cameras updated with Theia wide angle, 9-22mm lens options
30-Nov-2017Press Release:From A to Z, Exacq’s new high-capacity video servers store more video than ever before
28-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls’ Irene Lam to Speak at 2017 Massachusetts Conference for Women
21-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls offers simplified access control solution with KT-1 Standalone
21-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls releases the latest version of CEM Systems AC2000 Security Management System
16-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls awarded prestigious contracts to secure Oman’s two new largest airports
15-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls introduces newest version of victor / Video Edge VMS from American Dynamics
08-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls provides safer and smarter living with DSC’s iotega
02-Nov-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls Releases Kantech EntraPass 7.30 with support for ioSmart Readers and Cards
26-Oct-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls integrates exacqVision with ShotPoint for improved active shooter detection, reaction
24-Oct-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls expands Illustra Flex camera line with 3MP Compact Mini-Dome
05-Oct-2017Press Release:Top hospital in Iowa unifies with Johnson Controls security management platform
04-Oct-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls recognizes importance of cyber security measures during National Cyber Security Awareness Month
26-Sep-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls taps new security distributor partners for Australia
25-Sep-2017Press Release:Latest Version of exacqVision Enhances Situation Awareness and Adds User Controls for Administrators
20-Sep-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls introduces intelligent touchscreen access terminal
13-Sep-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls CEM Systems access control equipment compliant with EU’s new Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
31-Aug-2017Press Release:C•CURE 9000 access control platform adds new smart card encoding to increase credential security and flexibility
29-Aug-2017Press Release:Next generation of Illustra Flex 3MP IP cameras provides seamless video capture and viewing experience
23-Aug-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls debuts Visitor Management Kiosk and Access Control Management with C•CURE Portal
17-Aug-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls enhances user experience, functionality of flagship video solutions
16-Aug-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls’ PowerSeries Neo earns Wireless Commercial Burglary ULC Certification – an industry first in Canada
10-Aug-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls introduces iSTAR Ultra LT network door controller
27-Jul-2017Press Release:VideoEdge 1U Network Video Recorder offers versatile camera management for small to medium businesses
25-Jul-2017Press Release:Latest version of exacqVision offers enhanced video searching and bookmarking
20-Jul-2017Press Release:victor Video Management Software provides critical security against the active shooter
08-Jun-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls Security Products Signs on With New Distributor Partner ISCS
03-May-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Signs the Boston 100% Talent Compact
24-Apr-2017Press Release:New HD Video Solution Offers High Value, High Quality Video
05-Apr-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products’ Nigel Spinks to Lead Liaison Committee for The Monitoring Association
05-Apr-2017Press Release:Johnson Controls Appoints New Global VP, GM of Security Products
05-Apr-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Enhances SG-System 5 with PSTN Line Cards, New Automation Methods, SureView Systems Integration
04-Apr-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Debuts EntraPass Go Pass Support for Apple Watch®
04-Apr-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Highlights Comprehensive Portfolio of Unique Integrations at ISC West 2017
30-Mar-2017Press Release:CEM Systems releases latest version of AC2000 Security Management System
29-Mar-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products’ Innometriks Infinitas Receives GSA FICAM Approval
23-Mar-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Adds Important Cybersecurity Features and Improved User Experience to exacqVision 8.4
16-Mar-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Releases Next Generation S700e IP Card Reader, Controller
16-Mar-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Expands Policy Enforcement, Operational Efficiency with C•CURE 9000 v2.60
06-Mar-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Enhances Connected Partner Program with New Partner Portal
14-Feb-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Brings Multi-Site, Integrated Security to the Edge
01-Feb-2017Press Release:Tyco Security Products Bolsters IP Camera Portfolio with Cost-Effective PTZ and Super High-Quality Fisheye Camera
16-Jan-2017Press Release:City of Glasgow College Secured by Tyco Security Products’ CEM Systems
05-Jan-2017Press Release:Penn State Upgrades Security with Integrated Solution from Tyco Security Products
07-Dec-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Introduces Mobile Credentials with EntraPass 7.10
06-Dec-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products’ Irene Lam to Speak at 2016 Massachusetts Conference for Women
05-Dec-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Launches Shooter Detection System Integration
21-Nov-2016Press Release:Grocery Chain Selects PowerSeries Neo as Intrusion System
15-Nov-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Introduces New exacqVision M-Series All-in-One Video Recorder
01-Nov-2016Press Release:Senior Care Center Seamlessly Migrates to IP Access Control with Tyco Security Products
25-Oct-2016Press Release:New Illustra IP Camera Analytics Strengthen Accuracy and Improve Operator Efficiency
21-Oct-2016Press Release:Newest Version of victor Brings Greater Functionality, Intuitive Design to Video Management
30-Sep-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products’ CEM Systems improve security and safety at Northern Ireland’s iconic Harland and Wolff
21-Sep-2016Press Release:UK School Chooses Complete Solution from Tyco Security Products for Enhanced Perimeter Security
15-Sep-2016Press Release:exacqVision 8.0 Introduces Suspect Tracking
12-Sep-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Offers HID Mobile-Enabled Readers
12-Sep-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation with Kantech Access Control
22-Aug-2016Press Release:Kantech Debuts Industry-First Mobile App with One-Touch Installation
18-Aug-2016Press Release:CEM Systems announces winners of EMEA Business Partner of the Year Awards 2016
03-Aug-2016Press Release:ID Solutions Selects Tyco Security Products’ hattrix Managed Access Control for Multi-site Management
28-Jul-2016Press Release:Minnesota Casino Migrates to IP Video Surveillance with victor from Tyco Security Products
21-Jul-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Releases Latest Version of VisonicGO Mobile Application
14-Jul-2016Press Release:CEM Systems releases state-of-the-art central alarm management application; AC2000 Security Hub
07-Jul-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Expands Connected Partner Program Across Multiple Brands
30-Jun-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Offers EyeLock nano NXT® Iris Authentication Technology for Access Control
27-Jun-2016Press Release:SG-System 5 Integrates with Manitou Central Station Software from Bold Technologies
24-Jun-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Introduces the World’s Most Accurate Reader, Contactless Biometrics
22-Jun-2016Press Release:School District for Military Air Base Selects PowerSeries Neo Intrusion System
15-Jun-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Improves Searching Archived Video and Bandwidth Management with exacqVision 7.8
07-Jun-2016Press Release:Women’s Science & Tech Group to Present Awards to Tyco Security Products’ Anita Santos, Kristy Dunchak
01-Jun-2016Press Release:DSC and Kantech Join PSA Security Network Vendor Program
26-May-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Boosts Portfolio with Nedap Identification Systems Vehicle/Driver Identification Readers
25-May-2016Press Release:PowerSeries Neo 1.2 Offers New Dimensions in Security for Residential and Commercial Users
24-May-2016Press Release:DSC Launches Smart Home Program for Homebuilders and Developers
16-May-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Acquires Innometriks
11-May-2016Press Release:PowerSeries Neo and DSC Touch Selected for Monitronics Authorized Dealer Program
10-May-2016Press Release:Millworks Custom Manufacturing Chooses Tyco Security Products For Wireless Intrusion System
06-May-2016Press Release:DSC’s PowerSeries Neo Integration Portfolio Expands with Control4 Home Automation
18-Apr-2016Press Release:Latest Release of victor Video Management System Offers Even Greater Efficiency and Speed
13-Apr-2016Press Release:King County Chooses C•CURE 9000 for Comprehensive, Integrated Security
06-Apr-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Debuts Integrated SALTO Lock Solution for Access Control
06-Apr-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Extends the Power of C•CURE 9000 With Mobile Go Reader Option
01-Apr-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Strengthens Reader-to-Panel Communications with OSDP Support
22-Mar-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Introduces New All-in-One Video Recorder with Integrated PoE+ Camera Ports
18-Mar-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Unveils hattrix Five Diamond Program
23-Feb-2016Press Release:Canadian College Advances to Integrated Security Solution from Tyco Security Products
18-Feb-2016Press Release:American Dynamics VideoEdge Introduces Facial Biometrics for Quicker Investigations
17-Feb-2016Press Release:Illustra Introduces New Pro Series Mini-Domes
10-Feb-2016Press Release:Illustra Launches New Micro Camera with Exceptional Video Quality
09-Feb-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Introduces Kantech EntraPass Access Control System Onboard exacqVision Network Video Recorders
01-Feb-2016Press Release:Active Directory Integration, Video Enhancements in Kantech EntraPass v6.05 From Tyco Security Products
26-Jan-2016Press Release:Illustra Essentials Adds Varifocal Mini-Dome and Bullet Cameras
14-Jan-2016Press Release:Tyco Security Products Enhances Visitor Management, Increases Scalability in C•CURE 9000 v2.50
13-Jan-2016Press Release:Turkey’s Izmir Airport Selects Tyco Security Products for Integrated Solution
28-Dec-2015Press Release:Tyco Security Products Brings Connected Home Solutions to CES 2016 Premier
22-Dec-2015Press Release:Proximex Surveillint Steps Up Deployment, Task Management Features in Latest Release
18-Mar-2013Press Release:Auckland Airport chooses CEM Systems AC2000 Security Solution
07-Feb-2013Press Release:Dubai International Airport, Concourse 3, Terminal 3 opens with CEM AC2000 security solution
09-Jan-2013Press Release:CEM Systems selected to secure Abu Dhabi Investment Council

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